tiny dinosaurs.

The girls are getting big. They’re now roaming outside of their coop, but they tend to stay very close. (For the chicken experts–we have five Barred Rock hens and five Ameraucanas.)

4 thoughts on “tiny dinosaurs.

  1. Nice looking chicks.

    I searched your old blog for “chicken” because I wanted to see what you have written about them (I’m considering raising some also). That was when I discovered your blog about Steven Seagal and Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s tank raid on a chicken owner. The link in that article has gone stale. Here is a link to what *I* collected on that incident…: http://tinyurl.com/7mh6bwp
    You are welcome to use it. I plan to add YOUR excellent blog comments to my collection.

    And because I actually have the misfortune to LIVE in Maricopa County, I have a limited collection of stuff about Jeneral Joe here…:


    Congratulations on your “new” blog. I enjoy your writings.


  2. They should be secure like that… Unless they figure out how to open doors, of course.