hey, you! psst! need some colored plastic bricks?

We need an appropriate thug handle for this guy, who got busted for sticking his own bar codes on LEGO boxes and then fencing the discounted sets on eBay.

The puzzling part is that he’s a VP with SAP in the Bay area. The article says that he sold thirty grand worth of LEGO sets on eBay, but that’s chump change for someone who likely makes a quarter million a year. I’m guessing it’s a mental thing–some people have weird compulsions. Either that, or it was for the thrill–a middle-aged exec version of base-jumping. Having sold stuff on eBay before, I’m not sure I’d want to deal with shipping thirty grand worth of plastic bricks to hundreds of buyers if my day job nets me 20k+ a month.

What a German White Boy crime, though. I wonder how he’ll rank in the prison hierarchy?

“What are you in for?”

“Armed robbery, aggravated assault. You?”

“Uh…fencing LEGOs.”

2 thoughts on “hey, you! psst! need some colored plastic bricks?

  1. If it had just been the one time, I’d have guessed it was due to nerdgasm overwhelming the rational portion of his brain: that he’d figured out how to do it, and so the imperative to prove it could be done overwhelmed any sense of why it would be a bad idea to actually do it. I have to admit, I’ve had this happen to myself a couple times, (fortunately not involving felony theft) and afterwards, found myself quite literally unable to explain what I was thinking when I was actually doing it.

    But 2100 instances is a bit much for that sort of thing. Someone in the comments there called him a “block head”, which seems to fit. :)