the new summertime desk.


At my request, our very handy handyman used some of the old floorboards from the renovation project to make this neat little bar-type shelf on the covered porch area. It’s just the right height for use as a standing desk, and the windows overlook the backyard where the kids and dogs are frolicking. That means I now have an alternate work desk out on the porch from where I can supervise playtime.

(As an added bonus, that shelf will serve very handily as a dachshund-proof staging table for the propane grill that is out of frame on the right side.)

As you can see, that wall now sits on a concrete ledge that’s about a foot thick. This was the trouble corner of the project—the logs of the outside wall had rotted away to the point that the floor had a lean of several degrees. Now there’s concrete holding up the logs on the outside, and that ledge is not very likely to rot away like the wood did. I’d sure love a word with the people who put this place together, though. The phrase “drunken monkeys with delusions of competence” has been used more than once around here when discussing the construction skills of the builders.

2 thoughts on “the new summertime desk.

  1. Dang.

    In my 30+ years in small boatyards I worked with (in spite of) some of those guys. Why they were allowed to have sharp things, vote, and drive cars always was a source of wonder to me. I’m sorry to hear they were allowed to roam unsupervised in Upper Cryogenica. In a just world, they would have been sterilized at age twelve and shunted into harmless occupations. There are even now milkshakes to be made, potatoes to be sliced and fried, burgers to be flipped, lawns needing cut, and buildings to be cleaned.

    Gerry N.