fakin’ it.

And another example of people making up stuff to make themselves look like war heroes.

What kind of kills me about this one is that the guy served honorably in the MN National Guard, and was actually deployed to Afghanistan and Kosovo. Why would he feel the need to embellish his service record? At least he didn’t make up his service time from scratch and run around in a uniform he’s not entitled to wear, like some of the more egregious posers.

There’s no shame in having been a truck driver, cook, or supply sergeant. There’s those who pull triggers and kick in doors, and those who make sure the trigger pullers have all the ammo, food, and water they need. Both kinds are essential to the whole effort. But I guess until they start making videogames like “Call of Duty 5: Vehicle Repair” or movies like “Act of Valor: DD1348 Crisis”, some people will feel the need to add a little bit of extra color to their fruit salad.

3 thoughts on “fakin’ it.

  1. What amazes me is that he’d obviously spun his own yarn enough that he half-believed it, or at least believed it close enough to the truth that he thought nobody would contradict it even if he told it on NATIONAL FRICKIN’ TV.

    That’s as much to be pitied as censured.

  2. I love how guys like this start backpedaling when they are caught, “not all military injuries are recorded” or in explaining how his SQUAD LEADER didn’t know he had been injured “(Hansen) wasn’t right there when it happened, but I mean the whole unit was doing things”…Huh?

    His story started with him “jumping on his guys” and yelling “grenade” as though he shielded his fellow soldiers with his own body. Trust me, if that happened, it would have been noticed, not only by his squad leader but by everybody up the chain. He would surely have been put in for a Purple Heart and at a minimum, a Bronze Star.

    Then he says he was medically evacuated to Germany for treatment for traumatic brain injury but then says the headaches went away after 4 or 5 days?

    I did notice that his service dates in Afghanistan have him in country only about a month, which makes me wonder…unless there is a typo in the news article.

    I’m with you on this Marko, there is nothing wrong with being in a support function, because the trigger pullers get real ineffective, real fast, without ammo, food, etc. In the infantry we might have bitched about the REMF’s, but we sure needed them to do their jobs to keep us going. The thing is, in war being in a support job is no guarantee you WON’T see combat, since there is no truly safe area. it’s just that you don’t have to go looking for it. Service in Kosovo and Afghanistan is honorable in and of itself. Making shit up is not.