the forever war.

It appears that Joe Haldeman’s excellent Military SF novel “The Forever War” is on sale for the Kindle for a measly $4.95. If you haven’t read it yet, you definitely should, and if you have, you should get a Kindle copy anyway just because.

I’d have to lie if I said that “The Forever War” wasn’t at least somewhat in the back of my brain when I wrote my own MilSF novels. (The first one is still in Slushpile Hell, and the second one, being a sequel to the first, will probably not get any traction until #1 is sold.)


8 thoughts on “the forever war.

  1. Pretty sure I already have it in both hardback and soft.
    Read that when I quite young, and several times since.
    Might be time to read it again.

  2. Read that book a long time ago. Then one day a few years later … must have been shortly after the Gulf War … I took it off the shelf and started re-reading. TBARed* it within minutes, and put it on the next TUBS** run. One of the worst mealy-mouthed liberal peacenik anti-military diatribes I could remember.

    His follow-up The Forever Peace was even worse. The fact that both those books won both the Hugo and the Nebula permanently ended my respect for those awards. Nor have I picked up a Haldeman book since.

    * TBAR = Throw Book Across Room
    ** TUBS = To Used Book Store

    • Yeah, I mean, what the fuck would someone who was in Vietnam know about war anyway?

    • Wolfwalker,

      Maybe his Purple Heart makes him down on war a little?

      I mean, a young married guy fresh out of college gets drafted and sent off to get shot up in an unpopular war… why would he be bitter about it?

      • You don’t understand, Tam.

        Does he have a right to be upset about it? Yes.

        Does he have a right to believe he got shot up for nothing? Yes.

        Does he have a right to write novel-length diatribes against everybody and everything that led to him getting shot up? Absolutely.

        Do I have a right to dislike a book that spends three hundred pages lecturing me about how war is always stupid, war is always wrong, armies are a stupid idea, soldiers are stupid, generals are more stupid, and the only reason any general ever starts a war is because he likes to shoot things? Last time I checked, I did.

        Whatever his motives for writing the thing, I don’t like the book. I don’t think it deserves to be called “excellent military SF,” or indeed excellent anything, and I don’t understand why anybody else would. Well, anybody other than a liberal that agrees with Haldeman’s biased view of war and armies.