most transparent administration evar.

So the White House is asserting “executive privilege” on the release of the Fast & Furious documents to the House committee.

What the hell is “executive privilege”? Does it have something to do with the restroom use at the White House, or maybe toll-free calls from the phone in the Oval Office. I don’t rightly know, because my copy of the Constitution says precisely fuck-all about “executive privilege”.

You know, that’s part of the reason why we’re a Constitutional republic—so the #1 public employee can’t assert special rights. You let them claim “executive privilege” when it comes to testimony in Congressional committees, and sooner or later you’ll end up with a Chief Executive who dresses in fantasy uniforms and renames the days of the week after maternal ancestors or favorite race horses.

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  1. This administration has been stomping all over the Constitution since day one, so this really comes as no surprise.

    • Certainly not to cast stones, but this is hardly a new phenomenon. Additionally I dont recall (I could easily have missed such posts I admit) seeing you take offense to this Marko in the various instances that it was done (

      Also dont get me wrong, I’m not defending Obama on this. I think its bullshit and shenanigans on a high order. Just if its bad for the goose, it should have been bad for the gander as well.

        • You are an exception. 90% of the people who identify themselves as either democrats or republicans or whatever discount whatever information doesn’t fit into their view of the world.

          Admitting they’re cheering the wrong guy is a akin to admitting they’re stupid. That doesn’t make you feel good.

          Healthy human minds avoid whatever makes them feel bad.
          So, they won’t.

          It’s human nature, impossible to defeat.. on the other hand, people who exploit it win easily.

          Truth? That’s the last thing people care about.

          That, and the explains the myriad failings of democracy..

  2. I believe, and I’m sure I will be corrected if I’m wrong, that the concept is ( at least at it’s origin) the idea that certain information should not be discussed in public for the good of the republic.

    I can see a decent argument that, for example, a list if American spies in Iran should not be read aloud in congress, etc…

    That being said, I don’t think that this means “we won’t show it to you, nyah nyah” I’s imagine if the president calls “privilege” this then goes to a congressional sub-committee that’s vetted for security.

    Otherwise, it’s just a concept _begging_ to be abused.

    Which in the case of F&F is my operating assumption as to what the White House is doing.

    • I’ll let the government’s history of abuse stand as evidence of why I do *not* give them the benefit of the doubt on this matter or any other.

      • An it please the court, we wish to submit into evidence People’s Exhibit A: The Twentieth Century.

        Mind the skulls; sometimes they fall off the pile and roll around.

  3. The most transparent administration in US history has employed Executive Privilege which by DEFINITION applies ONLY to legitimate communications in which the President HIMSELF was involved and only to communications involving legitimate military, diplomatic and sensitive national security matters, in a case in which the AG has testified that the President was NOT involved and which was not discussed with him and in a case that the AG has testified did not involve national security though I might argue that when you arm drug cartels and covertly plan to fabricate evidence with which to curtail American citizens’ ability to protect themselves from criminals and from enemies of the United States both foreign and DOMESTIC that it is a matter of national security challenged from within and presidential re-election security.

  4. So then … at what date was Obama informed about F&F?

    Anything before that date would not be covered by Executive Privilege, right?