the holy grail of joysticks.

This flight sim setup is sick and excessive and way too expensive for a peripheral, and I want one. Oh, yes, I do.

I don’t have the optimism to “add to wish list” or “save it for later”. My entire PC before the add-on video card and the beefier power supply cost only very slightly more than that HOTAS setup. I could—and would—buy a bunch of other shiny things before I could see myself dropping almost half a grand on a joystick. But yeah, that’s pretty swank right there. The only way you can get more control realism is if you break into an Air Force base and steal a stick and throttle setup out of an actual A-10.

2 thoughts on “the holy grail of joysticks.

  1. Want. Yes, indeed.

    I no longer have a PC set up for gaming, so I’ve been running a PS3 with my favorite first person shooters. Wife always wants to learn how to use it, but then gets bored pretty quickly. We figured out why last weekend.

    I picked up a driving simulator at the Advantageous Purchase outlet, and encouraged her to try it out. She said it was fun, but hated the controller. Asked if there wasn’t a full-sized steering wheel we could get to make it more realistic. Sunday morning while I’m blinking cat hair out of my eyes and trying to get my heart up to idle she’s up, showered and dressed to go back to the outlet so we can get a steering wheel. $90 of my favorite dollars later, I’m setting it up on our coffee table.

    She proceeds to play the sim for 30 minutes, alternating back and forth between un-blinking concentration and (following accidents where her car gets disassembled onscreen) giggling and laughing totally inappropriate to a woman of her gravitas.

    She turns to me and says, “You know what we need next, don’t you?” “Yes,” I say, “a second wheel, a second copy of the game, a second PS3 and a new budget TV.” “Nope,” says my beautiful bride, “we’re not buying a budget TV for this! There’s room on that wall for a 60″ screen!”

    I always love my wife, but sometimes I love her a WHOLE LOT.