dachshunds with disabilities.

After a few nighttime incidents with Elderly Dog, the Castle now sports a handful of handicapped access ramps for geriatric dachshunds:

IMG_0678IMG_0677IMG_0681There’s another contraption on the dog door that leads into the garage. It’s a nifty ramp that can be raised and lowered from the inside of the house. That makes four special handicapped access ramps in the house for the benefit of Elderly Dog, who can no longer hop over the ledges by herself.

When you have five dogs, we don’t really have a month that passes without some sort of dog-related expense. There are vaccination boosters, small and moderate injuries, regular check-ups, emergency visits…all I know is that if I had all the money we’ve spent on vet bills in a pile on my kitchen table, we could easily buy a new and not-too-shabby car and then use the rest of the cash to all go to Germany on vacation for a month. But you do what you have to do to keep your Animal-American Non-Human Companions safe and comfy.

4 thoughts on “dachshunds with disabilities.

  1. “Animal American”

    I like the term!

    We’re *all* Animal Americans.


  2. To quote a relative.

    It seems clear we are descended from some sort of monkey.
    (Looking cynically as some leftist anarchists smashing shit.)
    It also seems clear it wasn’t the same monkey.

  3. I was thinking that some DDA-compliant facilities were in the near future. The one from the mudroom is especially clever.