i approve of this movie trailer.

Epic, and much better than the source material. (To non-parents unfamiliar with that bilingual little pest, this won’t be half as funny.)

8 thoughts on “i approve of this movie trailer.

  1. This would be an epic movie, indeed. Thankfully, my kids were a bit too old when Dora started becoming popular, UNFORTUNATELY, they (especially Silver) were just the right age for that disgusting dinosaur who almost ruined the color purple for me.

  2. I’ve had to endure Dora with my kids. But kids get burned out quickly and move on to other things, and this is one time a short attention span was welcome.

  3. Older than Sesame Street myself, but the boiz caught the leading edge of Dora. This is much better, and I’m sure they would have agreed even then.

    • I thought that too, but now I feel a little dirty. The actress is 14 years old. I have a daughter that age…