science camp week.


The new chicken run, completed and populated.

This week is a complete change in pace for us. The kids are attending a science day camp every day until Friday, which means we leave the house early. I get to drop them off and then take a few hours out in Hanover or West Lebanon to sit and scribble for a bit, which means I’m getting five Dadcation days this week. Lyra’s camp is only half-day, so I have to pick her up at lunch, and then we go home and let the dogs out and check on the chickens before going back out and fetching Quinn in the afternoon.

The kids are enjoying their camp. I’m enjoying the time off in the mornings. Lyra is kindergarten age now, and if I had them in public school, I could have a quiet morning every day. But then putting them in school would be more for my convenience than their benefit. I will, however, enroll Quinn in some extracurricular stuff this year. We’re already paying the property taxes that bankroll our local school; might as well start taking advantage of the facilities a bit.

4 thoughts on “science camp week.


    I wanna go to science camp. That sounds way better than my day job.

    Hey, speaking of schools, is your plan to homeschool your munchkins, or are they going to go to regular school?

  2. We took advantage of some of the offerings in our local public schools when the kids were school age. I found we had more fun and things were more.. relevant to my kids when we did our own co ops.

    We had more in common with those people, I think.

    And we did an awful lot of driving back and forth with both options.

    At the time I did some good-natured grumbling about the driving, but now that homeschooling is in our distant past (kids are 25 and 19 now) I look back with nostalgia.

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