newsletter from castle frostbite, july 2012.

Oh, hey there, Internets!

Team Munchkin Wrangler had a busy week and a relaxing weekend. The kids enjoyed their science summer camp, and I enjoyed my five morning Dadcations. Lyra was in preschool day camp, which let out at noon, and Quinn’s camp let out at 3. I dropped them off in the mornings, went into Hanover or West Leb to find a spot to write for a few hours, and then came back to pick up Lyra at noon to take her home. With the return trip in the afternoon to fetch Quinn, I did a ton of driving back and forth. A tank of gas usually lasts for two weeks with my regular driving patterns, but last week I blew through a full tank by Thursday.But hey—the kids had fun, I got some time off, and that dinosaur juice was combusted for a noble purpose.


We’re back to the regular routine this week, except for Friday when I get to go to Boston for the weekend and attend Readercon. A bunch of my writer friends will be there, so there will be plenty of geekery, shop talk, and consumption of adult beverages.

Cluckheim Keep still stands unmolested, and the chickens are reasonably happy with the new arrangement. With the way our handyman overbuilt the run, I don’t see any fox or raccoon getting into it. The only worry I have is black bear—friends of ours thirty miles away have had a persistent member of the species break into their shed and then their barn repeatedly to get to their chickens and feed. The run is ridiculously sturdy, but bears are ridiculously strong, and a determined black bear would be a challenge to keep out. The run is close enough to the house that I’m counting on hearing any demolition attempts and being able to come downstairs to, uh, strongly discourage Mr. Bear. We had one on the property two years ago, but he hasn’t returned since then. We don’t have bird feeders out, but you never know.

The fiction-writing business is coming along as always. A while ago, I had the brilliantly stupid idea to write two novels in tandem, and then I started playing with some ideas for a third one. The Military SF novel stands at 90% complete, the Urban Fantasy detective novel is 50% done, and the YA novel is at 30% or so. It’s nice to be able to switch gears and work on something else for a bit when you get stuck with one novel, but it sucks when you’re stuck on all of them. But things are progressing at a good clip now. (I’ve set up shop in the attic temporarily, where it’s kind of hot but very quiet, which may have something to do with the increased output lately.) I will have three finished novels to shop around later this year, in three different genres. Or I could just combine them all and mix chapters, see what kind of response I get from agents…

3 thoughts on “newsletter from castle frostbite, july 2012.

  1. Or I could just combine them all and mix chapters, see what kind of response I get from agents…

    Johnny wondered if he’d have the nerve to ask that hot lycanthrope infantry platoon sergeant to prom, especially when it was rumored she’d been responsible for those armored car heists in the warehouse district. Surely Coach Merlin would have some suggestions on how to pick up girls after third-period Small Unit Tactics 101 let out…

  2. In the attic, hunh? That also has the advantage of not having windows your children can jump up on to look in on Daddy working as was the case when Ray Bradbury tried to write in his garage lo these 60 years ago.

  3. On bears, I had problems keeping a young ‘un away from the bee hives until stringing some electric fence. You do have to teach them about it though: place an open container of dog food right behind the fence and they’ll get the message fast!

    For bird feeders: hang water balloons filled with a dilute solution of water and household ammonia on the feeder… problem solved after the first exposure.