betcha he was wearing flip-flops and oakleys, too.

Dumbass of the Month award goes to this guy, who taped himself going 180+ MPH on a busy Canadian highway on a motorcycle.

Runner up is the dumbworm who made this comment on the CNN intertubes site:

“Aaah…how, exactly, was a guy on a motorcycle going to kill anyone? Most likely case: he crashes into a car, and he dies.”

Physics knowledge FAIL. A 400-pound bike with a 200-pound rider going 180MPH is a metric fuckton of kinetic energy. Anyone unlucky enough to be rear-ended by that moron at those speeds would have had a very bad day indeed. Imagine an anvil getting shot out of a cannon and plowing through an occupied minivan from back to front.

14 thoughts on “betcha he was wearing flip-flops and oakleys, too.

  1. Yeah, it’s not the “one-half M” that’ll get ’em, it’s the “times V-squared” that’ll really fuck stuff up at those speeds.

  2. Yeah don’t worry about that even though who ever he hits is relatively unhurt they have to live with the emotional and mental strain of seeing that.

  3. As a paramedic, I have seen motorcycles at only 80mph cut a car in half, and kill the two people in the car as well as the rider of the bike.

  4. Uhhh, for one thing, it’s a cubic metric fuckton of energy.
    And second, then Dumbworm volunteered to be the point car for the next motorcyclist who wants to test the land speed record in a production bike.

    • “Police took no action” … well, yea. Unless they wanted to bury the motorcyclist on unhallowed ground or something.

  5. Yup. A sportbike hitting a car at full speed is basically a big fucking petrol bomb.

  6. Yeah, but since though blind luck he didn’t hit anyone, it’s a metric fuckton of pure awesome.