pointless savagery.

When you’re young and in your physical prime, and the guy you punch is not, hands can become a lethal weapon, and you can find yourself facing first-degree murder charges.

Now imagine what would have happened if the old man had carried a handgun and shot his attacker in self-defense. How would the media have presented the incident? Would we have another case of clear-cut, racially-motivated murder?

9 thoughts on “pointless savagery.

  1. Given that this was in Chicago, if Mora had used a handgun to defend himself, he would have been arrested for it. At the least.

    • I’ve no doubt about that, but he’d still be alive, at least, to deal with the aftermath; in prison, sadly, but alive.

      A pox on those who forbid having a firearm with you for self-defense, yet who live and operate under the aegis of hired guns.

  2. Cue the obligatory “He was a good kid, just getting his life together” comments.

  3. The victim need not be aged: I live in very small town, and there is among these few residents a guy that, in his youth, decided it would be great fun to sucker punch the next guy to come out of a bar. He did so, and the young punchee staggered backwards, fell and struck his head on the sidewalk, and never regained consciousness ……

  4. Somehow using one’s gifts to beat someone to death is considered less evil than using a gun to keep someone from beating you to death.