the return of rocky raccoon.


Surprisingly, raccoons are actually #1 on the list of top chicken predators. They have a lot of dexterity in those front paws, they’re smart enough to figure out barrel bolt locks and other simple locks, and they’re pretty strong for an animal their size.

One of his cousins fell to our dachshunds three years ago. Maybe this one’s a relative looking for compensation for Cousin Bob’s untimely departure. Regardless, our poultry version of Supermax Florence ADX seems to have him stymied.

11 thoughts on “the return of rocky raccoon.

  1. And plus 1 on the trap. Make some money off these fuckers. Get a state trapper’s license. The Asian market has driven up the price of fur recently.

  2. I was just reading the Dachhund back-story, I understood the point about
    Racoon and 4 dogs, and the part of about shooting Racoon, what I do not understand is how you removed the hunds long enough to get a shot in, they’ve got to be squirmy, adrenaline nutters after a tussle with Racoon. You have a bag for them?

    • My wife was able to get a hold of two, and I was able to hold the other two back with my legs and feet long enough to get a clear shot in.

  3. If you could put another ring of mesh around the skirting, insulated from the ground, and with just enough juice to put a tingle in the pads, the resulting photos could be quite amusing. I know, always with the electricity.

  4. That prior encounter? All’s well that ends well. But, you think squirrels are rats? At least they just steal birdseed and nest in your ceiling insulation. Whereas a big ol’ he-coon or even a Mama with a brood will fuck a dog the fuck UP…and you or your kid too if cornered or riled. Not to mention the occasional foamy-mouthed one.

    Instinct tells your dachsies they’re fearless badger hunters, but if you want to keep them un-gutted, keep them in the house when you lay in wait for those bandits-even bait them in- and dispatch a few with head shots. They’re smart enough that the word will get out and they’ll stay away. It works.

    • One of the most impressive things I have ever seen was when my border collie mutt took on an adult raccoon single-handedly and killed it in one bite. I was running out with a stick getting ready to beat the thing off and take the poor dog to the vet to get stitched up, but he came out without a scratch. Didn’t know the lazy dog could move that fast.

  5. I protect my chickens with Golden Marlin Flybait mixed with coke. Coons make it about 3 steps and that is it. There can be collateral damage.