not a bad likeness, actually.

Quinn really wanted an Iron Man action figure RIGHT NOW, so he made one out of Lego bricks.








Legos. Is there anything they can’t do?

7 thoughts on “not a bad likeness, actually.

  1. I did that a BUNCH as a child. Want X, but did not have the funds or means to acquire X, BUILD!

    The REAL toy was always better, but the fabrication slaked my lust. :)

  2. Never had many store bought toys when I was a wee sprog. So my Dad, God bless ‘im, took me to the library at the age of six and showed me where the do it books for kids were. WOW! I found books that had sections on building fires, making rafts, sleds, wagons, huts, caves, deadfall traps, trot lines, fish hooks, frog gigs, knives, bows and arrows and some really fun shooty stuff, too. After that I didn’t feel the need of many store bought toys.

    Gerry N.

  3. And that was, you all should note, made with the classic building block Lego. There are a number of, I guess you could call them, “Changeling” Lego kits out there, which might as well be snap together model kits. There are instructions, and you can help your 5-year old build a model building or model airplane or all sorts of stuff, that snap together like Lego, but they aren’t shaped like Legos anymore. Profitability, 1, Merchandising, 1, Feeding the imagination of Children, -5. Once again, grown-ups ruin the imagination of children.
    I’m glad to see Ironman was made with classic parts.