12 thoughts on “yo, rocky.

  1. When I lived in my first apartment I had a raccoon that walked the edge of the patio at the same time every evening at dusk. I was sitting outside one night with my feet up on a cantilevered footstool overhanging the grass, and he walked right under my feet. They can be pretty oblivious to people sometimes.

  2. Establish baseline from average time he shows up, install motion detector fired light, ready on the firing line…

    • I keep hearing this…

      I’ve generally just thrown the corpses out as I grew up thinking that eating scavangers was a bad idea…

      Is this a widely accepted practice? BBQ raccoon?

      • ’tis in this part of the country (midwest) – of course, we also eat catfish and even carp…

  3. Set up a leg hold trap with bait. The stupid fucker has already forced you to pay for fort knox.

    Kill him.

  4. It wonders me, are you sure it’s the same ‘coon each time? I’d figure some way of telling ’em apart. Like shooting the ones that show up. They if another one comes in, it’s pretty much a sure bet you’re dealing with scouts doing “recoon” preparatory to a full scale invasion. You must know by now those furry bastiges can’t be trusted.

  5. This will be known to future generations as the Battle of Chicken Run-The Gathering Storm. I say hook up a fence charger to another ring of wire and let the wildlife fall where they may. Actually it shouldn’t kill them but they might jump a bit and then..fall.

  6. “Maybe he just likes having his picture taken.”

    If that’s the case, tell him to be still. He keeps blurring the shot.

  7. Yeah we eat ’em here in north Florida. Coons, Opossums, meet the Brinkmann’s Smoker.
    I remember one time, some rich person’s Monitor Lizard escaped from his estate and I sectioned him up and slapped that in the smoker. Now I have forked tongue.