My friend Mark went to visit USS Iowa (BB-61). Being a 3D animator type, he took a metric crapton of detail pictures. If you’ve never been on an Iowa-class battleship, or you’re just a sucker for those big-ass ships and their big-ass guns, his Picasa page of the trip is worth a look.

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  1. My love is given to the USS Alabama (BB-60) which was of the battleship class that immediately preceded the Iowa-class: the South Dakota-class. Going aboard Alabama as a 10-year-old boy was what made me decide to join the Navy when I graduated high school. And the Iowa-class battleships were hauled briefly out of mothballs while I was active duty, (Reagan’s Navy) and I got to see New Jersey (BB-62) tied up at the carrier pier in Norfolk.

  2. I spent some time on the Iowa when I was in the Navy. I had friends who were aboard when they had the explosion in 1989. I was on another ship at the time, but I got to see the aftermath. Cool ship.

  3. Coming out of Chosin my Uncle Jim saw a ChiCom division disappear under the guns of an IOWA-class BB. The most protected man on the front was the Naval F.O. Nothing says “This beach is ours!” like 16-inch guns.

  4. On the USS Alabama an opening was made into the turret of the 16 inch gun. Pretty neat to see the inside of it — something that was not open to the public before the opening was made. Evidently the “normal” entry to the turret is from near the keel beam and that area of the ship is not open to the public. There were still projectiles left in the turret — must not have been worth the effort to remove and use elsewhere.

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