this is why we keep our first aid kits stocked.

We spent much of the day helping some friends move into a new house. The kids helped too, mostly by staying out of the way and doing stuff like this:

8 thoughts on “this is why we keep our first aid kits stocked.

  1. I kid can’t grow up to be a normal human being without getting some bruises, cuts, and scrapes while playing. That’s how kids learn.

  2. When I was 8 or 9, I used to ride my wagon down a fairly big hill and into the drainage ditch, intentionally crashing in a way where I wound up on the bottom, and the wagon would flip past me. I’d learned that trying to avoid the crash at the end was barely possible, but often wound up with the wagon hitting me in the head on the way by, so I opted for the intentional painless crash instead.

    Freaked my Mom out the first time she saw me do it.

  3. I will never ever ever forget the day my mother wandered out the sliding glass door from the kitchen and found us neighborhood kids up to our new pastime: Jumping off of our back deck into the lawn some five or six feet below…

    None of us could figure out why she freaked out like that. Of course, being second and third graders, we were all pretty fuzzy on concepts like “liability” and “homeowner’s insurance”.

    • We had a related conversation last week with our realtor when she reported that some prospective tenants were concerned about the terraces in the back yard not being fenced (there is a fence on the lower one for blackberry vines, and the upper terrace has lots of decorative rose bushes planted along the lip in a linear pattern. I said I was amazed at the objection, because we were three boys on the property growing up and one of our pastimes was jumping from ledge to ledge.
      We are, of course, the deplorable result.
      Considering we will likely be renting to litigious leftist liability whores, I’ll have to call the wrought iron man.

  4. My mother kept a well stock first aid kit…. methiolate, calimine lotion and band aids.

    As for experiments in converting potential energy from gravity into velocity, I and the local urchins in my area of NE ohio were caught jumping our western flyer sleds over a set of train tracks at bottom of a local hill when I was 9. I am kinda happy my children grew up in Houston, and avoid thinking about their adventures.