Araucanas are sometimes called “Easter eggers” because they lay pastel blue-green eggs. (Notice the size differences in this batch. They’re still adjusting their dispensing units.)

The eggs from our hens taste better than the store-bought ones. The yolks are darker and more flavorful. It’s been a fair amount of work and effort, but it’s nice to have locally-sourced eggs. And by “locally”, I mean “from the chicken coop across our driveway.”

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  1. When I was a kidlet we always had chikcens. Dad fed ’em cooked “chicken mash” containing a generous portion of cracked corn. He said cooking the mash made less waste as the hens digested it more completely and the corn made the yolks darker which Mom liked. As I remember he bought the raw mash at the feed store. If he bought it, it was cheap.

  2. I forgot. He bought chicks every Spring from the Rears and Sawbuck catalog, They were sold in batches of 100 and mailed, yes, mailed in batches of 108 0r 110 to allow for “shrinkage”. We never got less that 105. There were always a few were roosters although they were all supposed to be hens. Dad always kept a rooster or two after they got big enough to eat. He said fertile eggs were more nourishing and tasted better. And what kid argues with his Dad?

    • I remember seeing chick shipping boxes at the main Post Office in Omaha, Nebraska during school tours of the facility, usually around early April. One any given day there would be three or four peeping boxes set out under heat lamps in a corner of the HUGE (to us) mail sorting area, waiting to be picked up for home delivery.

  3. And I dunno if you’ve tried scrambling them yet, but the yolks on fresh eggs are downright *hard* to pop. My aunt and uncle up in Montana keep chickens, and I was really surprised by how hard it was to scramble those things. Tasted great, though.

  4. We had fresh eggs when I was a kid; the combination of sunshine and diet gave the yolks a darker color and richer flavor.

  5. Those dark, protein-heavy yolks come from bugs, I am told. Once you taste free-range, you never go back to caged commercial eggs.

    Orange yolks and even the whites have flavor… Mm-mmm!

  6. Hah. Seeing as the 1st egg set you back 3K. You are now down to $375/egg

    And 800% decrease inteh price of eggs in only a few weeks.

    You’d better march over there and give those egg layers stern instructions that the progress must continue. Or else there will be a chicken in the Pot every sunday until morale improves.