So we had an earthquake here in New England on Tuesday night. How about that?

I was hooking up the water line to our new fridge when the place started shaking. It felt like a washing machine severely out of balance, and that’s exactly what I thought it was at first…until Robin said that there wasn’t any laundry going. Apparently it was a 4.0 quake centered in Maine somewhere. (I think it’s God’s retribution for all that lobster-killing and Zumba whoring.)

Now, a 4.0 quake won’t even make you folks in California look up from your Cheerios, but to us here in Upper Cryogenica, any earthquake is a big deal, especially one you can actually feel. I’m already seeing t-shirts online saying “I Survived The Great New England Quake of 2012”, and pictures are making the rounds on the Intertubes with the obligatory Very Minor Damage (think “trashcan/lawn chair fallen over”) captioned NEVER FORGET. I love the Internets and the human capacity for humor.

One thought on “earth….quake?

  1. hah

    I’m from right near Portland, parents still live there. They said it sounded and felt like a freight train running past the house. Scared the hell out of them, though. I still remember my first earthquake – I live in the People’s Republik of Kalifornia these days – and it was not an enjoyable experience, even though it wasn’t much bigger than the Maine one.