“jackass” auf deutsch.

This video of a German dude doing a hop into a frozen pool—with fairly predictable results regarding personal injury—kicked over my giggle box this morning. If only there was a German word for glee or joy at the misfortune of others…

At least he’s a good enough sport to laugh at his own idiocy. Rock on, German Speedo Dude.

8 thoughts on ““jackass” auf deutsch.

  1. Oh, ouch. That’s a good way to break your tailbone. Not a fun injury.

    I guess my German isn’t too terribly rusty… I understood “Ach, mein arsch!” 😉

  2. Oh wow. I’m glad I’m sitting here alone right now. I can’t believe I laughed that hard over a guy landing on his butt. 😀

  3. Better a broken tail bone than if he had actually broken through, freshly broken ice is a lot like freshly broken glass; full of very sharp edges.

  4. How drunk is that guy? DUDE, check the ice thickness before you do that! Ice is tough AND hard.

    (Also he’s probably actually lucky he didn’t go through, getting dunked in next-to-freezing water is….shocking.)

    I used to live where the local petrol-heads race cars on the ice ( think thinly disguised demolition derby) 3 months a year or more. Also Ice-boats ( the fastest you can go without a motor) …all those nuts check ice thickness and it’s shocking how little you need, esp the ice boats. But thick ice is amazingly able to carry loads and even absorb shocks that you’d think would shatter it.

  5. It’s been many decades since my last German class (I did not do well), but I recall the term “Schadenfreude” as meaning “pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others”.