This is our new fridge:



I don’t usually go all nuts over new appliances in the house, but I love this fridge. Our old fridge came with the house, and like all the other appliances in the place, it was an early Nineties piece of junk from the “Better Than Nothing” section of the appliance department at Sears. We replaced all the junk piecemeal as money allowed, and the fridge, being the biggest expense, was saved for last.

I will say that I didn’t realize how much our old fridge sucked until we got this one. The old fridge was a classic old layout, freezer box at the top and one door below that. This one has the freezer at the bottom, so you don’t need to bend down or crouch anymore to see what’s in the fridge. The whole freezer section is a drawer, and it has a lot of internal drawers for organizing. The fridge section has French doors, and enough LED lights on the inside that I feel like I’m looking at the bridge of the new J.J.Abrams Enterprise whenever I get out some eggs for breakfast. The right-hand door has an outer panel that opens separately, which means you can get out that gallon of milk or soda bottle without having to open the whole fridge door. It has telescoping shelves for tall containers, lots of various drawers for veggies, fruit, and meat, and more extras than a new Toyota. For all I know, there’s a nuclear fuel cell and a Bluetooth iPod interface in there somewhere.

Best of all: we now have a dispenser for cold water and ice cubes on demand. Yeah, baby—shaved or cubed ice, whenever I want it, at the touch of a button! You have no idea how much easier that makes my cocktail preparations.

I will say that I had to draw the line at the almost identical model that had the additional touchscreen feature on the front door. It had apps for Twitter and Facebook on the screen. Who the hell posts Twitter updates from their fridge, and what kind of wisdom are you going to share? “Just made a sandwich LOL”?

There is, of course, the possibility that fridge design has advanced to the stage where the fridge shares to Twitter whatever you’re taking out.

“@markosfridge: Marko just had a snack of half a tub of cream cheese and eight slices of hard salami.”

Now that would be a highly effective dieting tool. Maybe we should have gone for that model instead…

6 thoughts on “megafridge.

  1. My parents have the same one in their house and they love it as well. I think a great feature for kids is the alarm that will go off if the door isnt shut… why did it take this long for a feature like that to exist?!?

  2. “great feature for kids is the alarm that will go off if the door isnt shut”

    I can do you one better: Automatic door closer.

    Mind you, mine is due to the floor’s wicked slant…

    I like my Freezer on the bottom too, but I’m getting to the point where *anything* down there is a nuisance. If I could talk my wife into it, the whole fridge would be 1ft off the ground. That way the top shelf would be at a decent eye level.

    Same is true for all the cupboards & stuff in the kitchen. That lowest 1ft -18″ is the dead zone where things go to die and I never see them again. The full extension slides on drawers I see are a big help, but I have an older kitchen and I spend a lot of time of my knees bending over looking into dark-recesses.

    (The dog, who thinks I’m playing, is delighted. Me, not so much.)

  3. “This is my fridge. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My fridge is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. My fridge, without beer, is useless. Without my beer, I am useless.”

  4. That drawer freezer is the real deal. I’ve had freezer-on-top, and yes, everything needs to go up about a foot to make the refrigerator section accessible to non-hobbits, and I’ve had freezer-on bottom, and without the drawer you forget what’s in there. Side-by-side is probably the semi-economical alternative, although I don’t know if they get energy star ratings.
    As for the kitchen cabinets, the bottom shelf under the counter is a waste, so I had big drawers made. Pull them out and the tops of everything is on display. Much better than sitting on the floor.

    Is the Kenmore Elite a model or is there a number that goes with that. How many cubic feet?