snor’eastercane update.

The weather is still pretty sedate here in Upper Cryogenica. The wind gusts have picked up a bit, but it’s still nothing unusual for the season. The storm is predicted to pass well to our west, but we’re still in the cone of possible projected courses, so we’ll see how that goes.

New York is getting socked right now, and the storm isn’t even ashore yet. It’s making the windows here at Castle Frostbite rattle every now and then from seven hundred miles away.ย Boston is 100-ish miles to the southeast, and they’re shutting down the town and folding up the sidewalks from what I hear. I’m expecting to lose power as the storm gets closer, but we’re all stocked with firewood, batteries, and water. At least it’s not ten below with a foot of new snow on the ground outside. I just hope that the chickens don’t get blown into Quebec…

9 thoughts on “snor’eastercane update.

  1. Stay safe. I’ll hold the storm off for as long as I can here in north-central PA about 30 inches (literally!) from where the track is supposed to be.

  2. No kidding, the chickens would all come back drunk, wearing toques, and chain smoking. “Tobacco roasted chicken” wouldn’t taste very good. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Hosti! Tabernac! Perlhaqr, just wait until I come teach you manners with my snowshoes…oh, wait.

    Pass the poutine and a Labatts, “Hockey Night in Canada” just came on.

    And it’s not Upper Cyrogenica, It’s Southern Cryogenica, that much is established geographical usage. Quebecois come south to enjoy the warm southern breezes, in Maine and NH.

    • Enh, I’m not worried. I live in a desert, and everybody knows Canadians are made out of snow, so you’d melt before you ever got to me. ๐Ÿ˜‰