still here.

After-action report from Castle Frostbite: no big harm done here. We lost power for a few hours, and the winds were worryingly strong at times, but nothing got damaged. The chicken house remained in place.

The chickens have benefited from Sandy—when I let them out this morning, the run was a muddy mess, but all that moisture had drawn a lot of earthworms to the surface. It was like a breakfast buffet for the birds.

5 thoughts on “still here.

    • It’s all the bugs they eat that make the eggs of free-range birds, with their orange-yellow yolks and flavorful whites, so superior to the thin-shelled, insipid, watery ovoids you get from the grocery store.

      I stay away from even free range eggs if the packages proudly proclaim “vegetarian fed!” Miniature dinosaurs love the occasional little snake or young mouse.

  1. Protein is protein, Hank. If I had to feed them buckets of maggots to make the eggs so tasty, then buckets of maggots they’d get.

  2. Here in the Pacific Northwet it’s been raining unusually hard for two days. Our usual rain is a soft, pleasant thing, with almost invisible drops, more of a heavy mist. Anyway the back yard is a soft wet place awash in night crawlers which the crows are on like it was a $25,000 a plate Democrat campaign dinner. Except crows can be admired and trusted. Since you’re having good luck with your chickens, the Missus is harpin’ at me to try ’em. Might not be a bad thing as I’m an egg eating fool and chicketn itself is one of those high everything you like to be high in foods. When I was a wee sprog, my Sainted Daddy inducted me into the fraternity of kids able to kill, pluck, draw and butcher chickens at the age of six. I can probably still do it.

    Gerry N.