poor wittle mass murderer.

Anders Breivik, the Norwegian crackpot who massacred 77 people last year, isn’t happy about the conditions at his new residence at Ila Prison near Oslo. Apparently he doesn’t get enough butter for his bread, and the handcuffs they put on him when he gets moved around are “too sharp for his wrists.”

Let me just get out my really tiny violin case for the appropriate music.

It’s amazing how concerned with human rights and existential comforts someone can get who snuffed out seventy-seven lives without any concern whatsoever for their human rights. His Viking ancestors would have treated his offenses rather more harshly, to put it mildly.

16 thoughts on “poor wittle mass murderer.

  1. Too bad he won’t get an opportunity to complain about the sharpness of the needle injecting the lethal chemicals.

  2. I thought that part of this was his “point”, if a goddamn crazy person can be said to have a cogent point– he knew that he wouldn’t be killed if he surrendered, he knows how picky the norwegian system is about the comfort of its prisoners, and all that jazz.

    Some rando on a forum suggested that he’s making mock of their system. In his racist psychopath mind, the only way to shock the Norwegian people into making their system less absurd was to kill a whole huggy bunch of children.

  3. Since it was obvious “who done it” . Trial? you need a trial? Seriously? A brief interrogation and investigation to see if he had connections to anything. Then :

    I’d club him unconscious, tie him to a rock and into the sea. Bye bye.

    See, I’m kind and generous and didn’t torture or let him feel the drowning. Humane.

    Can’t you wait until his term is up and he gets out of prison?

  4. Hi Viking ancestors wouldnt have tolerated the foreign invasion that has occurred with the help of the Marxists he was targeting.

  5. Norway could either balance its budget or raise a whole lot more money if it were to raffle off the opportunity to perform on Brevik the technique mentioned by Comrade Misfit and Earl Harding. Think of it. All that money comes in, and no money need be paid out! Win Win Win, for sure!

  6. I am shocked to see all these commenters suggest murdering Breivik. Death penalty has been abolished in all countries of Europe – and, with the exception of Australia, New Zealand and the U.S., in all developed countries.

    • Death penalty has been abolished in all countries of Europe…

      If all the other kids ran and jumped off a bridge, I’ll bet you would, too.

    • Fabm you forgot:
      – Japan
      – India (a country with nuclear weapons and aircraft carriers IS developed)
      – China
      – Taiwan

      And article 21 of the constitution of Hesse still has provisions for a death penalty.

      • He also left out South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Belarus, and Singapore, all developed countries by any definition.

    • …and Breivik should have been killed.
      Sometime between detonating the bomb in Oslo and starting to shoot up innocents on Utøya.
      But unfortunately he targeted the summer camp of a social-democratic party and not the summer camp of the young hunters of Norway.

  7. If he were a psychopath (sociopath), then such a comment from him would be most natural. A psychopath believes he is the center of the universe and the whole world exists solely for his personal enjoyment.

      • That’s true. Then, like Old Yeller, his family should do the right thing. Why leave a family responsibility to everyone else.

        As for Brevik’s death, one should not keep one’s ill gotten gains. After all, we make a thief give back what he has wrongfully taken, even if it’s just a bicycle or a coat. Why should Brevik keep what he has taken from others?