i live with these people.


Iron Man and his sidekick, Cardboard Lass.

5 thoughts on “i live with these people.

  1. That is quality right there!

    My daughter will raise a fuss if we put her in a costume. You’d think she’s too young to know she’s being dressed up, but she knows. However, she will willingly turn over the trash can and put that over he head.


    She was turned to fiber,
    ’cause she listened to Justin Beiber.
    Body made of boxen,
    fit for playing with the dachsunds!

  3. That’s great you got pictures. I would do costumes and masks, but my brother never wanted anything on his face. It made it great getting candy in the neighborhood, since everyone figured out the Robot or the Yogi bear or the ghost or the skeleton escorting Jim was me.