doggy broke. so’s the owner.


Doggie #2 of 4 has a hematoma on his ear flap. Taping down the ear to prevent him from shaking it didn’t work, and the hematoma has increased in size. So I’m about to take him to the vet again, which will make my third vet visit in four days. He will likely need a surgical drain & staple procedure, which runs about the price of a new iPad these days.

For Christmas, everyone is getting a dozen chicken eggs this year. Maybe there’ll be enough left in the till to buy the kids a copy of “101 Fun Games With Perishable Ovoids”.

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    • His nephew Henry is coming into his maturity. Henry is an intact male. This means occasional tiffs between the boys in the house, because Henry tries to establish that he is Boss Dog #1. He probably nipped Ban in the ear and caused a blood vessel to rupture.

  1. My brother is going through a similar situation. His recently adopted husky got tagged by a car about a month ago and resulted in a broken front leg, requiring x-rays, splints, periodic vet visits, and a total bill that basically wiped-out all the money he had saved up from his summer job. Its still a couple weeks until the splint comes off for the final x-rays, but he has already started the process of getting some sort of accident insurance for his dog. I don’t know the details, but if your are interested I am sure he would be glad to pass along his notes from examining the different options.

    Hopefully everyone is able to look on the bright side, and be thankful for the Christmas gift of keeping Doggie #2 around.

  2. Okay, so this year you have “Christmas Eggs”, like Easter eggs, only the kids paint them accordingly.

  3. Watch out about the accident insurance for animals… I’ve heard a lot of negative things about it, the “coles notes” version of which is the fine print provides a lot of protection to the insurer and they are slow to pay.

  4. OK, you might have tried this, but cut the toe off a sock and slip it over his head to keep the ear from flapping.

  5. Do you need a shipping address to send me my eggs? Oh, wait what do you mean not actually ‘everyone’?

    Seriously I know the pain of the vet bill for anything other than routine stuff. Hope he recovers well.

  6. You probably have had the procedure by now. I have a golden retriever that gets that from too much scratching of the ear. I took him to the vet and the vet was honest enough to say that if she drained it, it wouldn’t be long before he did it again. She said it will go away and come back for the rest of his life because of his skin allergies an his need to scratch. So, left it alone and it’s gone away on it’s own.

  7. Hope the vet visit works out well. Might get the critters eyes checked as they look a little cataratichy.

    The look a little opaque which is an early sign.