a thrill before dying.

Teenage flight student steals plane for a joyride with two buddies, crashes same, and kills everyone on board.

That’s some stunning overconfidence right there. Doesn’t even have his pilot license, has only flown a single-engine Cessna a few times, and takes a twin out at night in IFR conditions, with predictable results. He may have had a few hours in a flight school 172, maybe even soloed one, but Twins are a little trickier to handle than single-engine planes, and they are much less forgiving of pilot error. Three lives snuffed out and a perfectly good Piper Twin Comanche turned to charred scrap metal, all because of teenage hormones switching off good judgment.

One guy in the comment section probably has it right when he predicts that the owner of that Twin Comanche will get sued by the families of the deceased teenagers, for failing to adequately secure his bird against unqualified kids flying off with it.

9 thoughts on “a thrill before dying.

  1. We need to regulate and register PC flight sims now! If only this kid hadn’t been lulled into a false sense of competence…

          • Y’all are being facetious, (well, I presume you are, at any rate) but I know that in a different context (i.e.: among people who didn’t know you) there are people who would be sitting here, nodding their heads in agreement.

            I can’t figure out if the “American Culture” that I I often sit and wonder where the hell has gone actually existed, or if I’m the one who is the crazy outlier.

  2. It is also important at this time to question why anyone would need retractable gear? Come on more military acourtments on a civilian plane. These kids are victims, this plane should have been locked up. And in reality at this time of Government assured safety in the air why does anyone need to fly a private plane.

  3. My husband told me today (after hearing this story) about a little joy ride he and a high school buddy took (on a school day, thank you very much) wherein they “borrowed” buddy’s dad’s plane and overflew the high school at lunch. It’s amazing so many boys live through their teens.

    • Yep, Darwin is being cheated by our “bubble-wrap” high-tech couch potato society, I think. Far too many of these dummies are making it to voting age.

  4. Marko,
    I’m not on twitter. Many years ago, my sister was all crippled up by sciatica. Looked like the hunchback of Notre Dame. Nothing helped, until someone suggested acupuncture. Surgeon told her to try anything before surgery. It worked.
    Also have a friend who has a mild case, and he is helped by using one of those back swing/inverter things. Think he said ten minutes a day upside down does the trick for him.