this person’s vote cancels out yours.

And this is why we don’t ever read comment sections at YouTube or CNN or pretty much any news site on the Interwebs:

I think currency is the root of all evil. Take away all the inequality and government interference laws like drug and prostitution,etc etc then you take away any reason to commit a crime

I would say that’s a stunning display of lacking education, but there is of course the possibility that this commenter is a humanities professor.

7 thoughts on “this person’s vote cancels out yours.

  1. It is an indicator of the state of the world that I’m actually pleasantly surprised to see “etc etc” instead of the equally-common “ect ect”.

    • Grammar nazis would also say that as an abbreviation it should be followed by a period, even when not at the end of a sentence. But considering the original statement as a whole, I would imagine that is a minor faux pas.

  2. Yeah. Because nobody ever killed anybody until the invention of currency. [/snark]

    Funny thing: Even in the world of the Star Trek shows, where nobody ever seemed to pay for anything and nobody ever discussed base matters such as “salary”, people still seemed to find plenty of reasons to kill each other.

  3. It has always surprised me that people view the token used to represent value as the root of desire for wealth, or the explanation for all the alleged evils of “greed”.

    Do they imagine that if we were using barter, that it would A) not make us all poorer by making exchange immeasurably more difficult and B) not stop those willing to use force to take from taking the raw goods instead? That people would not want wealth or power, simply because a token of wealth was removed?

    (And they also always, always, always misquote the Bible there – it’s “the LOVE of money” that is the root of all evil; 1 Tim 6:10.

    I’m a life-long atheist, and I know they’re doing it wrong.)

    • When Lucifer rebelled against God did they have money in heaven? What about Adam & Even in the garden, what currency did they use. That quote is simply a pile of shit even from a Christian point of view.

  4. Sure – take away inequality between people and you will indeed solve many social ills
    Problem: no one has yet to devise an even modestly-successful means of doing this