tonight’s TV guide listing.


8:00pm “ZULU” (2013), 120min. (PG-13)

In this 2013 remake of the classic ZULU, the British at Rorke’s Drift fight South African steampunk Nazis, and the Brits prepare for battle by building a combat mech out of mealie boxes. (Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Lt. Chard, Summer Glau as Lt. Bromhead, Christoph Waltz as Oberst von Umlaut. Directed by Michael Bay.)

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  1. Summer Glau as Lt. Bromhead……. Have to think about that one for a bit. Don’t forget big scene of the Nazi’s bombing Pearl Harbor in the opening minutes.

  2. God help me, I’d actually watch that (and feel ashamed of myself for the rest of the night).

  3. With a little tweaking (shouldn’t there be, well, Zulus involved? and the Boers were never exactly on the Zulus’ side, no matter how they felt about the British, plus while the whole point of Steampunk is anachronistic technology they were still 50-odd years before the invention of Nazis….) this would be awesome.

    “Cetywayo’s Zulu steam-mech brigades close on the pitiful Tesla Field hastily erected around Rorke’s Drift…”

    As much as I hate steampunk cash-in, I’d totally like that.

  4. Total comprehension failure. I must be missing a pop culture cog in my machinery. Anyone want to explain this post? Thank you!

  5. Same here, Jake. I haven’t a clue as to what they’re talking about. The old movie “Zulu,” with Stanley Baker and Michael Caine, yes. Steampunks and Nazis, no, a complete blank.

  6. Jake and DAL357,

    The point is that the TV guide people made a mistake with the production date (2013). Obviously the original was made in 1964, and nobody has made a remake as far as we know.

    Marko is speculating on one possible variation of a modern re-make, (i.e. if the 2013 date WAS in fact correct). The original subject is far too politically incorrect, and not of any commercial sized interest to a modern audience, hence the “modernization”.

    I am with others here, I would TOTALLY watch this.

    I would also READ an e-book version (hint).