This? Is quite possibly my new Favorite Thing.

Saying that it takes better shots than the iPhone 4 is like saying that an Aston Martin DBS V12 is a little faster than a Fiat 500.

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  1. And ten years ago, photographers were leasing camera backs with similar capabilities for $20,000 per year.

    Moore’s law marches on …

      • Do you know what the current equivalent model would be? I’m looking at SLR cameras and have no clue what to buy. I’ve got Canon lenses and accessories already so probably gonna end up with that brand again. I just don’t know which model…too many choices has paralyzed me.

        • The current direct equivalent of the EOS 10D is the EOS 60D. Canon numbers its camera ranges with single digits for the flagships, double digits for the mid-range/prosumer models, and triple digits for the budget versions.

          All the new Canons use EF-S lenses, whereas the older ones like my 10D can only use use the older EF lenses. EF-S lenses (red dot and white square on the lens collar) won’t fit the older EF carabiner sockets, while EF lenses (just a red dot on the collar) can be used with the EF-S carabiner sockets on the new cameras.

          Loved your English translation of your probable Italian conversation in the camera store, by the way.

          • Thanks, Marko. My older lenses are the EF type, with just a red dot, and it’s good news that they’d work on a new model (if I understood correctly) – I’m very interested in that because one of them is a lovely (and expensive) 300mm telephoto lens that I’d like to be able to keep using.

            I’m gonna finally do the camera-shopping this week and am sure to humiliate myself beyond my wildest nightmares. That English translation I posted last week is actually probably too generous to myself; I truly suck at speaking Italian when I NEED to. Fine when I merely want to, for fun. The element of “need” turns me real stupid, real quick.

            Thanks again for the info; I really appreciate it. Wish me luck…

  2. All my gear is Cannon, and I’m quite pleased with most every aspect so far. Currently up to a pro-sumer 60D, sporting L glass on occasion.

    You should take some benydryl for that bug bite…. it may get infected if you keep scratching.

  3. I have an equivalent Nikon and it takes fantastic photos. But there are times that the handiness of a cellphone or even a prosumer camera trumps lugging around a SLR.