a suggestion.

“Assault weapons”. “High-capacity magazines.” “Military-style rifles”.

The Department of Homeland Security buys 1.6 billion rounds of small-arms ammunition in just a little over a year, and 7,000 fully automatic machine guns for “personal protection”. Police departments all over the country have tanks and drones, and you can’t tell the difference between a police SWAT team and a Marine infantry section at first glance anymore. One guy threatens the LAPD personally and kills a cop, and they piss all over the Fourth Amendment and make the whole city a free-fire zone in search of the suspect.

I suggest we just call them “police-style weapons” instead.

One thought on “a suggestion.

  1. Call them citizen militia weapons.

    A “Police Weapon” should be a billy club.

    If they need more firepower, they should deputize militia members on the spot.