“Hi! I’m Mahmoud from Teheran. I’m into religion, Jew-hating, and building really big model airplanes.”

Iran just unveiled its next thirty-twelfth generation air superiority stealth fighter, the Revell  Qaher-313.

That thing looks a lot like the fighter planes I designed when I was twelve. Downswept wings! Huge canards! Outswept vertical stabilizers! Aggressively angular fuselage! Apparently, Iranian engineering technology is so advanced that aviation experts can’t see a single rivet, weapons hard point, or service hatch on the thing. It’s almost like they made it completely out of model resin.

15 thoughts on “LOLjet.

  1. Welp … a resin aircraft would have a low radar signature.

    The Wright bro’s first effort also has a low radar signature …

  2. Hmmm… the Iranians aren’t going to be a problem in the future when they start to compete in the boatbuilding market. That’s one of the finest examples of surface waving in the gelcoat I’ve seen. Looks like they didn’t polish the inside of the mold before they started fiberglassing.

  3. To be generous, I see a minimal panel. Is that an antique CD drive at top center?. Plus stencils in English only, and a canopy suitable for instrument training, only without the safety pilot.

  4. Did you see that the backup airspeed indicator has a stall speed of 70kts and a VNE of 240kts?

  5. In this age of glass cockpits, panels can be pretty small.
    Has the US or Russia ever done one of these “Up Close And Personal” walk-around demos, without ever demonstrating their air-worthiness? I doubt it. We’re more of the “see how it actually rides on a current of air, and could bomb and strafe?” demonstration methods.

  6. The most telling detail to me, who used to button up F-18’s and F-14’s in the Navy: no lock-down lugs on that canopy. No gasket seals, either. The pilots won’t have to worry about seeing through that poor clarity canopy. Thing’ll fly off shortly after rotation anyway. Hopefully, just about the time the engine stalls from lack of airflow. Of course, when the pilot punches out, (assuming the e-seat works) he’ll snap his neck from lack of head support during boost. I’ve seen better plane design hanging on refrigerators.

  7. Don’t disagree with the above assessments, and to pile on, is there any area math on the engine intakes?

    There are laws of thermodynamics on air, oxygen content of that air, air/fuel ratios, volumetric effiiciency of that mixture, thrust available from engine performance based on that mixture, etc. IEW, the intakes look way too small to feed any turbine of reasonable size.

    In other news, Mattel has opened a factory near Tehran….

  8. These will be flown from Airbase Potemkin, right? I’ve seen better craftsmanship on beginner control line kit planes flying at my local park.
    Why insult Revell? Their models are accurate and well made. I’ve got a few kits from the old CCCP that look like the F-313, poorly made and badly finished. The only thing missing is the hand whittled pine propellor powered by five thousand turns of a huge rubber band.