travel update.

Team Munchkin Wrangler is still in Germany, and the trip is going swimmingly so far. If you’ve sent me an email or TwitFace message, I’ll probably won’t get around to replying until the middle of next week. They do have the Internets here in Germany, but we’ve been too busy seeing people and doing stuff to spend much time online.

(Also, our Verizon iPhones don’t work on the European GSM network, which makes it hard to just check mail and dash off a quick update on the run.)

And now we’re off to see some more relatives down in Hessen. Later, imaginary Intertubes pals!

2 thoughts on “travel update.

  1. Gute Reisen!

    What a great way for the kids to see the country. I eagerly await your report when you get back here. Heavy wet snow here today I wonder what the weather is there?

    Have fun!

  2. I have actually worked in the relevant industry, and even I don’t understand the GSM/CDMA pissing contest that led to a watered-down-to-near-useless Verizon iPhone.