deal alert.

The Hunger Games trilogy is only five smackers for the Kindle right now. If you have one of them Kindelmaschines, that’s a good rate for 1,100+ pages of dystopian YA goodness. If you’re one of the three or four people in the country who haven’t read it yet, that is. I bought it to re-read…saves me from having to dig out the paper versions.

(I liked the novels even though I had my issues with #3, Mockingjay. The movie with Jennifer Lawrence was rather well done.)

4 thoughts on “deal alert.

  1. I just finished the last one two days ago. I’d be curious to hear about your issues with it.

    I enjoyed them, and tried not to over-think it too much, so I may not have picked up on plot holes or errors and such

  2. Heck, $5 is a good price for just one book. Thanks for the heads-up! Now…can you find me a deal on spare time? :)

  3. I tried to jump on several Kindle specials already, but when I click on the link, the book is always much more than the special price ($25 in this case). Are those perhaps domestic-only offers?