the nanny state marches on.

Tomorrow, New York City’s ban on large sugary drinks goes into effect.

The ban’s purpose is not to reduce the obesity rate like Bloomberg claims. Its purpose is not even symbolic, a sign that the city is seen “doing something”. That ban is a prime example of “Hat on a Stick” legislation.

What’s “Hat on a Stick” legislation?

That’s when the lord of the land puts his hat on a stick, places it in the market square, and decrees that all who pass it must doff their own hats in greeting. Compliance with the law isn’t difficult—it doesn’t take much time to doff your cap briefly, and costs virtually no effort, much like New Yorkers can order two 16-ounce Cokes instead of one 32-ounce one. The purpose, of course, is to establish that the lord has the right to tell you that you must doff your hat, whether there’s a point to it or not.

If people accept that their government has the right to dictate to them under threat of force what size containers they may consume sugar water out of, what other edicts will they accept?

6 thoughts on “the nanny state marches on.

  1. Seeing that Noo Yawkahs are already pretty well accustomed to being told what to do, who to do it to, and when to do it, I predict that all underwear in Noo Yawk Sitty will soon be bright neon green and worn outside of street clothing by force of law.

    I, for one, applaud these wise and just civic ordinances implemented for the betterment of the ignorant, unwashed proles by Noo Yawk Sitty’s kind and benevolent overlords.

  2. A NY judge has stayed the law. Reports did not mention if the judge had a 32 oz or 44 oz refill mug with him on the bench.

  3. See, I was thinking it was “Hat on a Stick” legislation in that they were raising a hat on a stick to see if it gets shot.

  4. “See, I was thinking it was “Hat on a Stick” legislation in that they were raising a hat on a stick to see if it gets shot.”

    ….and it DID! …… fortunately for Bloomberg we are still working on the 3rd box, and not the 4th…… keep it up ……

  5. Are we going to have to risk the lives of our children in order to resist this tyrannical hat-on-a-pole law? The skills and character qualities of William Tell are not exactly commonplace in Americans, let alone New York City.