derputy herpyderp.

There are a few things I know for sure about Officer Reverse Eotech:

  • He has never been to the range to properly zero his carbine. Probably took it out of the box, loaded it up, mounted the sight improperly, and put the whole thing into the trunk of his cruiser.
  • He went to a hot call with a weapon that has never been zeroed, with a sight that’s non-functional the way it is mounted. Had he been in a situation where he had to use his carbine to stop a threat, he wouldn’t have been able to aim accurately.
  • He did not pay for that sight out of his own pocket. I know hundreds of shooters, and I can guarantee that every last one of them wouldn’t shell out $500 for a holosight without finding out how to properly use it.

But remember, only the cops should be armed, because they’re the ones with the training.

(Never mind the fact that Officer Reverse Eotech is carrying an AR-15 carbine—you know, the kind of gun that’s only good for killing as many people as possible as quickly as possible. Except when a guy with a badge holds one. Then it becomes a patrol carbine and a personal defense weapon.)

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  1. Good for a laugh, over here in the UK a local ARV turned up at our Gun Club range in response to reports of rapid fire when we had sorted it out i asked them if they had done
    much shooting,oh yes one of them said we were down the range this week,so i asked how many rounds did you fire,he replied 18rds of 9mm so i asked how often he shot, oh once a MONTH he said, i laughed and said i have fired best part of 50rds of centre fire rifle this morning and fired over 200 rds of .22lr the day before and did so most weekends, then the others at the range told them how many rds they had fired, the look on there faces they just could not fathom it.

  2. I actually wonder if he was the new guy and another officer was playing a practical joke on him by turning his sight around when he wasn’t paying attention. I know lots of Army people who would have done that to someone who wasn’t paying attention to where he put his rifle.

    • Doesn’t really matter. At best, his colleagues pulled a prank that put people’s lives at risk. Still completely unacceptable from The People Who Keep Us Safe a.k.a. The Only Ones Qualified Enough To Be Trusted With Guns.

  3. There is absolutely no way to spin this that makes the officer look like anything other than a clueless fuckup.

  4. “… a local ARV turned up at our Gun Club range in response to reports of rapid fire when we had sorted it out i asked them if they had done
    much shooting,oh yes…”

    I once had a similar conversation with an hoplo-phobe who wanted to limit ammo purchases for some unfathomable reason. We spent an enjoyable (to me) 30min googling ammo consumption by top civilian competitors , the regular duffers at the range for a few hours , special forces ammo budgets, etc… It seriously had never occurred to this person that “gang bangers” (their term) used (at most) a miniscule fraction of the ammo consumed in the US and ordinary shooting hobbyists could go through more ammo in a weekend what a criminal goes through in an entire career: if not more.

    A little window of light…

  5. No, he didn’t just take the gun out of the box and mount the scope on it. That would imply that the gun had factory sights that might actually have a reasonable chance of getting close to the target.

    No, the rear sight is a Troy low-profile, meant for a matching rail-mounted front sight. It is far too low for the A2 front sight on that rifle. Not only is the scope on backward, but the sights are physically impossible to line up!

    That gun couldn’t have come out of the box that way. Officer herpyderp build that rifle. What other components did he put together wrong?