it’s the good ramen at castle frostbite tonight.

Well, this is a nice thing to wake up to:


#4 on the Kindle in Military SF. #32 in the entire SF category. #699 in the Kindle Store. Dang.

All of you who bought the little Space Kablooie novel: you have my thanks. If you liked it enough to review or plug it on Amazon or your blogs or the TwitFaces, I thank you again, and I think you’re uncommonly pretty/handsome and brilliant.

That really takes the sting off having to wait for the school bus in ten-degree weather this morning, packing the kids into the van after 30 minutes of No Bus…and having the bus finally drive by just as I’m pulling out of the driveway to cart the youngins to school myself.

26 thoughts on “it’s the good ramen at castle frostbite tonight.

  1. Well, it was the Larry Correia mention that flagged it up for me. Took a look, read the sample chapter, liked what I read and just bought it. Can’t see why Baen wouldn’t have jumped on this one. It’s exactly the type of SF novel I look to Baen to provide. I’ll be looking for the next novel now :)

      • They do tend to do that!

        Self-publishing is definitely the way to get started, the hardest bit is promoting and getting the word out to attract potential buyers into taking that first look. Anyhow, best of luck. I promise an Amazon Review as soon as I’ve finished reading (from CanKiwi). Have to say I also bought direct from your website as a PDF, don’t have a Kindle.

      • Did you save the letter? Would make an interesting memento, framed and hanging on the wall….

  2. Well, I read the sample chapters what feels like years ago, but note that those amazon top seller lists don’t count those of us who bought it straight from the source. I feel better knowing the only middleman for my transaction is paypal, then I know the author is the one who profits.

  3. Loved the book! Review to follow on amazon and I will enthusiastically blast my praise across the twit/book universe. Well done Marko, one of the most enjoyable sci if romps I’ve read in ages.


    Matthew Crawford.

  4. Well-deserved. I posted my review on Amazon this morning. Hope this one is wildly successful and I’m looking forward to the next.

    • Nook will be out shortly, within the next few days. I’ll post a link once the Nook version goes live.

  5. Reposting in case you don’t follow the older posts – Hi Marko, I purchased an epub of your book via paypal but have not been taken to a download link. My transaction ID is 6AK19763RB815563A

  6. Read Chapter 1 ages ago, and was thrilled that you decided to self-publish. Loved the story, and can’t wait for the second installment!

  7. Well, finished it at midnight last night and posted my review on Amazon (as Kiwi) today. Really enjoyed the book, congratulations! Looking forward to the next. A suggestion – do a Tom Kratman and jump onto Amazon and respond to some of the reviews with a few comments personally. Not everyone appreciates Col. Kratman’s responses, but they sure do keep reviewers interested and many reviewers appreciate the author joining in.

  8. I read the initial sample pages Amazon offers and liked the beginning but only purchased the book last night. Then I took a break from a grad course critique in order to read a chapter, which tuned into a very long reading session. Good for you Marko and well done. By the way I’m pleased to see your articles in The Blue Press as well.

  9. I bought it for my Kindle (resistance is futile) as soon as I saw it was available. I’ll review it when I finish shoveling snow (June?) and get a chance to read it.

  10. I remember reading a passage you posted up on the old blog an age ago so when I saw that you had put a book out on Amazon I grabbed it this morning at 8:30. I finished it at 7:30 with only a break in between for a previously scheduled motorcycle activity.

    When does the next one come out??? Charge more on Amazon this time I feel like I cheated you out of another 5 bucks… Baen missed the boat on this one big time. This is the kind of book I expect to get from them, and as of late have not been getting.

  11. As with the other commenters I loved the book and posted a review on Amazom. I look forward to sequels (many, I hope). I typically reject paying as much for a Kindle version of a book that costs as much as the dead tree version. However, I’d be willing to pay a few dollars more for your future novels particularly when I know more of the money goes into your pocket than with “traditional” publishing.