the current novel schedule.

Here’s a quick rundown on the writing schedule for the next year or three, since so many people have been asking about the sequel/s lately.

The second novel, Lines of Departure, will be out in May. It’s told from Andrew’s perspective, just like the first one, and takes place five years after Terms of Enlistment.

The third novel, Angles of Attack, is in the outline phase. It will complete the three-novel storyline I had planned for Andrew and his comrades.

The fourth novel has no title yet, but it will be an “in-betweenquel” that takes place in the five-year time span between the first and second novel. It will be told from a different viewpoint and by a new character, and it will deal with the events in the PRCs on Earth while Andrew is off in space fighting the SRA and humanity’s new adversary. It’s being outlined alongside Angles of Attack.

So yeah—if you liked Terms of Enlistment, there’s a lot more to come in that universe, both from the grunt’s perspective at interstellar war, and from the civil society back home on Earth locked in its own conflicts.

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    • Very soon. It’s already out in the Kobo store, and it was submitted to Kobo and B&N at the same time. I’m guessing within the next two or three days.

  1. That’s great news. I bought and read Terms of Enlistment over the weekend, and it’s one of the best things I’ve read in a while. The urban warfare story was particularly nicely done, though I liked it. Now the only bad news is having to wait until May for the next one.

  2. That’s great news. Just finished Rules, and enjoyed it a lot.

    If you need any beta readers, let me know – I’ll still buy the kindle version :)

  3. Just re-read Terms again, to see if I’d missed anything cool. I hadn’t missed ,much, but it was fun to-re-read. W00t for more sequels, sir. Looking forward to some day when the publishers realize their oversight, and let me buy a dead tree edition of the set.

  4. Just read Terms of Enlistment after seeing Larry Correia’s recommendation and absolutely loved it – I read it in one sitting! Am thrilled to hear that sequels are on the way, well done on some great writing.

  5. Pleased to hear it! Terms was great and I’m looking forward to the others. Please keep offering them directly, I’d much rather buy directly from you.

    Now there are three chants:

    “Write Lois Write”

    “Write John Write”

    “Write Marko Write”

  6. I see you got the coveted “Tam endorsement” on her blog.

    If I’m not mistaken Larry Correia said nice things too…

  7. Would you rather get the extra income of direct sales, or fame of Amazon sales
    I’m willing to go either route.
    Any plans for paperback editions?

  8. Hi Marko, Terms of Enlistment was excellent!! looking forward greatly to further explorations by you. now cut out frivolous hobbies like eating and sleeping and WRITE MORE PER DAY!!