an announcement.

As of today, I have a literary agent. I’ve signed with Evan Gregory of Ethan Ellenberg, who will represent my works from now on. Together, we will make ALL THE MONEY.

I’ve been looking for a literary agent for a few years now (ever since Viable Paradise XII in 2008, in fact), and Ethan Ellenberg has always been at the top of my list based on their client roster and reputation. To say that this is a pretty big deal is a monumental understatement.

Anyway, please excuse me now while I Kermit Flail around the house and mix a celebratory cocktail the size of one of those kiddie pools.

18 thoughts on “an announcement.

    • Don’t worry Tam. You’re WAY up higher on the hipster food chain than me. You can claim personal visits to Castle Frostbite back when everyone thought Marko’s name was Maj Caudil.

      • She can claim splitting the rent with me long before there WAS a Castle Frostbite, Sean.

    • Well, ability to sell a lot of novels definitely makes you more attractive to an agent, of course. But agents only get commissions off the stuff they manage to sell, so it’s not like someone just went, “Hey, money! I want me a piece of that!”

  1. Is this an agency that previously rejected you? Please tell me you made them grovel like a 419baiter!

  2. As long as you keep writing and don’t go full Jeckyll/Hyde, I’ll be happy with whatever you do with that Caudill character. Maybe you could work him into a book and kill him off.

  3. Congratulations Marko.
    Well deserved, and I look forward to reading “Lines” next month.

  4. You should withhold your bodily essence from the impure publishing industry wretches that spurned you.

    Or at least make these tards pay top dollar to shine your shoes.

  5. Congratulations. I’ve been reading your posts since I joined THR back in 2003. (I pretty much stopped going there when I realized that most of the people I found most informative and interesting to read had left to write on their own blogs. You, Tamara, Preacherman, Lawdog, Ambulance Driver, etc..). As soon as I have some time to relax and enjoy it I’m going to read the copy of Terms of Enlistment sitting on my iPad.

  6. Congratulations!

    Now you’ve got two of the three things necessary to become an even MORE successful writer: 1) the desire to and manufactured time to write a novel or two (as well as all those shorts) with a modicum of on-line sales, to boot and 2) an agent to manage the business end of sales and promotion. Now comes 3) wild, wealth! Wishing you the best of luck on the latter.