5 thoughts on “worst product idea of the decade.

  1. This smells slightly like Search Term Safari, which is a sorely missing feature lately.

  2. I have seen people, while driving on Washington, D.C. area interstates, brushing their teeth, playing a violin, and reading a newspaper. Not to mention eating lunch, putting on makeup, shaving, and getting a – oops! family site – getting overly excited. So I do NOT trust the alleged judgement of drivers.

  3. Yeah, definitely for use while parked. Those of us who live behind the wheel sometimes have use for such things. The one I am more familiar with hooks over the top of the wheel rather than the way this one attaches, I usually use my laptop sitting on the bunk in the sleeper, but there are times during the day when I need to write down address and load pickup or delivery info.

    Those customer images are pretty funny though.