chicken recess.

The girls have been confined to the run and their coop since last summer. With the weather finally nice, and the bugs finally out in force again, I decided they should have some recess time outside in the afternoons again. They love their freedom, risky as it is.


15 thoughts on “chicken recess.

  1. I like the “work release program” you have going on there, but I think you need the prison guard in the background with the Remington model 11 just in case

  2. They love their freedom, risky as it is.

    So… you’re saying it would be an insult to chickens to claim that leftists are chicken?

  3. So …….you’re a Free Range Chicken Rancher now???

    Texas had a Chicken Ranch, y’know ……

  4. My late father, God bless him, loved to have chickens around the place, wherever we were. Nothing except a cat or two and some dogs makes a place a home quite like a few hens.

  5. I live in an urban environment. Someone has left four roosters to free range. Here they face stray dogs, cats, idiots with weapons, and cars… They have been loose for about five months and so far only one has gone missing. Apparently chickens are hardier than I’ve been lead to believe.

    • When they were pullets, we lost two in as many weeks to foxes, and almost lost a third. We have a wildlife conservation area across the street from Castle Frostbite, and the foxes there are a bit…frisky.

      • We have no wildlife conservation in the immediate area. However, for an urban environment we have a lot of wildlife. We are a stones throw from a quarry turned reservoir, and only a few miles from the river. We actually have Bald Eagles moving into this area, and last year a number of foxes with rabies made the news.

        But on that note I guess that predators have just adapted, like the raccoons and possums. It’s not like food for them is scarce. Trash cans are a buffet. Why chase after food when you can dine in? The chickens have it made as long as they look both ways before they cross the road.