“terms of enlistment” availability.

To abide by the terms of my publishing contract, I can no longer offer Terms of Enlistment directly as of today.

If you want to purchase a copy, you’ll have to wait until May 14th, when 47North releases Terms of Enlistment again on Amazon. The good news is that this time, there will also be a dead tree version available, and an audio version as well. But because I can’t compete with my new publisher when it comes to selling copies, I can’t sell them from the blog or other sources anymore.

To all you people who purchased the first, self-published edition: thank you. The success of the little Space Kablooie novel has exceeded my most optimistic expectations. There aren’t very many novels that sell as many copies as quickly as this one did, especially not in the self-publishing arena. I’m still utterly dazed by what has happened in the last eight weeks.

9 thoughts on ““terms of enlistment” availability.


      Oh yeah? I’ve got an autographed copy of author’s_manuscript.rtf! What’m I bid? 😀

  1. Does the advent of the dead tree version mean there will be opportunities for signed copies?! I have a somewhat irrational desire to purchase a print copy even though I already read, reviewed, and thoroughly enjoyed the kindle version.

  2. No thanks needed. That was a fantastic read, and we’re looking forward to many, many more!


  3. You have no one but yourself to blame for the fantastic results of your pen. I look forward to many other “Good Reads” from you.

  4. Marko, you have earned your success. It was just a matter of time with your intelligence, personality, optimism, ethics. I wish you the best of everything. We need people like you.

  5. Been reading your stuff for years!

    I knew that as soon as you published, would have to get me copy.

    One heck of a fine read. Thank you.

  6. Your book doesn’t have to have an ISBN and barcode, but if you’re planning on selling it through major bookstores or online bookstores, you’ll need one.