lyra, age 6.

People of Earth!

Your tiny Empress turns six years old today.


<insert obligatory kvetching about how time flies, something something diapers blah blah before you know it &etc.>

The tiny Empress has really made strides this year socially. She’s been in Kindergarten since July, and she loves it with a fierce, white-hot intensity. That kid right there? She will be the Queen Bee or the Chief Delinquent in high school, and possibly both.

Love ya, kiddo. But no, you can’t have “just pound cake” for dinner. We have to throw in some alibi vitamins somewhere.

7 thoughts on “lyra, age 6.

  1. No, no, no. The Empress-Princess Fairy Queen turned _seven_ on May 15th. (Lyra, my eldest daughter (and me, but I’m far less adorable in a tutu) share a birthday.)