social week: it’s like shark week, only with more bourbon.

I turned in some on-schedule edits on Saturday, so I rewarded myself by drinking Cuba Libres and playing the truly excellent The Last Of Us  on the PS3 for the rest of the weekend.

This week will be the highlight of the year, socially speaking (at least for this work-from-home hermit). That’s because it’s Readercon week. I get to head down to Burlington for the annual Mingling Of The SF/F Writers, where I’ll get to meet friends again and make new ones, all while talking about SF/F and the writing business in general. This will be my third year there in a row. It’s the convention where I did my first public reading, and I consider it my home con, so to speak.

When I get back from Readercon, there will be a new round of edits waiting for me, and I’ll have to jump back into the mountain of writing work that has piled up for me, but this week is for HAPPY NERDY SOCIAL TIMES. (If you’re going to be at Readercon, stop by and say hello!)


One thought on “social week: it’s like shark week, only with more bourbon.

  1. Jennifer and I will pass you on the highway, heading in the opposite direction! We live down the road (LITERALLY. Same road, 3 miles down) and are headed up to the Lebanon / Rt 89 area of New Hampster to house hunt.