back from nerd prom.

Readercon was great, but I racked up a serious sleep deficit while partying and going out to breakfast, lunch, and dinner with my friends. I’m not complaining, though–it was a lot of fun, and I’d been looking forward to it all year.

On Saturday, I managed to run over to the mall with my friend and fellow VPXII grad Chang to see Pacific Rim, a.k.a. Monsters Vs. Battlemechs. It was jolly good fun (I mean, it’s kind of hard to fuck up ROBOTS PUNCHING HUGE MONSTERS IN THE FACE), and much more deep and poignant in spots than you’d expect from a monster/disaster flick. I will say that the most terrifying and emotionally gripping giant monster movie of all time wasn’t Pacific Rim–it was Mako Mori’s flashback in the middle of Pacific Rim.

Now I’m knee-deep in developmental edits. 47North will re-release the first book when the second one comes out (in January 2014, as far as I know), and I added a fair bit of material to flesh out the world a little more and give Andrew a bit more to juggle at the end of the book. For those of you who have read the book, I can tell you that the second-to-last chapter (Chapter 23) has had a substantial rewrite, for example.

Next week I have to get to work on the edits for book #2 (Lines of Departure). The few people who have read both manuscripts are uniformly of the opinion that Lines of Departure is a substantially better novel than Terms of Enlistment*, so if you liked the first one, you should be quite pleased with the second one.

*Not that Terms of Enlistment sucked or anything. But I didn’t have to spend half the novel on boot camp and world-building, so there was more elbow room for Stuff Blowing Up.



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    • Agreed re the world building; not only did the Boston Metroplex slum strike a personal chord [ 😉 ], but it hooked me because I like milSF just fine, but really REALLY want something beyond that. I hope that stays in the next pass.

  1. It wasn’t clear if Andrew got Sharpshooter score for his second try at M66 quals. Did he make it?

    • You think his Sergeant would let him settle for anything lower? Also, all his squadmates were already Sharpshooter or Expert, and peer pressure is a mighty motivator.

  2. One question. Will the revised version of Terms of Enlistment be available as an upgrade to those of us who have already purchased the Kindle version?

    • I’m fairly sure that’s the case, but I’m in the process of checking with my publisher.

  3. No Kindle means no reading your book (I think). I looked and could not find anything on Amazon suggesting a non-Kindle version. Internets show ghosts of other options but none pan out. Done looking. Is there any way to get your work without a Kindle? Preferably hardcover?

    If this is Kindle only, I will miss out. Not gonna get yet-another-device.

    “Never make it hard for your customer to give you money.”

    Free advice is easy to toss. But I heartily suggest there be easier ways to pay you than to use someone else’s magic reading box. And if that means exists and I am simply too daft to find it, maybe you could kindly post some links to them here on your personal pages?

    • It was out on Apple and B&N’s Kobo before it got a proper publisher, so there are non-Kindle versions out there. If you’d rather have hardcover, you’ll be able to buy both the original and the sequel as a print book from Amazon once the sequel is released–they’re doing Kindle, dead tree, and audio.

      • So non-Kindle versions won’t be available until 2014 at the earliest?


        • Patrick. You do know that you can get a kindle reader for most hardware platforms. You do not need a new bit of kit to read kindle books.

          • Tim,

            I did not know I could do that. Now I do. Thank you. Still would prefer paper, but now there is an option above “none”.

            Thanks again.

    • Never make it hard for your customer to give you money.

      See, that’s the thing about him not being self-published any more.

      His customer is 47 North, and they have already given him money.

      • All good. Understood. Corrected. I learned there are ways.

        Self publishing is great; hope that future endeavors make it easier on all. Including the readers. The model is moving forward, and hoping it continues to free authors from the tyranny of the mundane.

        Perhaps I can self-publish a short tome called “The Noobs Guide to Finding and Reading Self-Published Works”. I could have used it when I went looking for the book. 😉

        All this because I read a teaser chapter in PDF (from somewhere) and wanted more. Didn’t mean to raise hackles.

        To the author: great success and good luck are hopefully in your near future. Glad you were able to make a system work for you.