in which i bloviate about self-publishing.

Bloomsbury UK has a Writer’s Digest-like Interwebs site called Writers & Artists. A few weeks ago, they asked me for an interview about my Great! Self-Publishing! Success!, and I agreed to share my experiences in return for a first-class ticket to the UK and a box of Aero Mint bars with all the chocolate removed.

Anyway, you can read the interview here. I share the genesis of the Little Space Kablooie Novel and give some Tips Of Dubious Value regarding self-publishing. Go read, leave a comment or two, and remind them that THEY OWE ME SOME GODDAMN AERO BARS.

3 thoughts on “in which i bloviate about self-publishing.

  1. Read your Bloomsbury UK blurb. Find your comment on not engaging with critics of your work online interesting as I’ve always found it engaging when writers respond to reviews, especially on Amazon – I’ve always enjoyed Tom Kratman’s “engagement” with his critics – and should mention that indirectly, it was a post on Kratman’s section of Baen’s Bar that led me to your book so in a way, it was Tom Kratman’s “engagement” of his critics that resulted in my buying your book. But then I guess Kratman is one of a kind when it comes to that kind of dialogue :),

  2. Really enjoyed this article. It was a very balanced perspective on your approach to getting published and the benefits and problems that come with that. Thanks for the advice.

  3. I read your interview (found the link from another blog). I very much enjoyed reading it. I found your book around the end of April after getting a recommendation from a fellow blogger. I like military science fiction (my husband and I were both in the Air Force and our daughter just got out of the Army) and your book is one of my favorites of the year. I was very happy for you when I read you had gotten a two book contract. A big accomplishment. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the book and look forward to the next one.