an educational tale of woe.

On Friday, a certain little daughter-heir here at Castle Frostbite was dragging her feet at breakfast. She failed to heed multiple warnings to finish eating and get dressed lest the carriage to Splash Camp leave without her in it.

And lo, the time to depart came, and the daughter-heir was not yet in her garments and prepared for the day. So the carriage left without her. And there was a great wailing and gnashing of teeth, and the cries of distress could be heard all the way in French Canadia.

Guess who was dressed and ready to go to Splash Camp almost an hour early this morning?

6 thoughts on “an educational tale of woe.

  1. I’ve had to administer that lesson to 25 year old women. (Ok, it was “The Goth Club”, and not “Splash Camp”, but the wagon still left without her.) I think your 5 year old may have picked up on the lesson faster than the 25 year old, though. She was still stupidly late the next time.

    • Actually heard at Roseholme Cottage once: “GotDammit, Senior Technician X! If there were an electrical short in a pure oxygen environment, you would be late catching on fire!” 😀

    • (To be fair, Rookie has a substantial amount of inertia once in motion, too. When we go riding bikes on the trail, we’d wind up in Chicago if I didn’t start whining…)

  2. We are still in the “pick her up and haul her” mode with our daughter, but to be fair she’s still a toddler.

    However my wife would be late to her own funeral. She always has to do one more project in order to be ready. Last month we had a “chili dinner” at church. (It’s a one hour program where some people bring chili and everyone else eats it. Great social function!) Initially, my wife was not going to make any chili due to financial and time constraints. At the last minute she decides to make a chili. And I mean THE LAST MINUTE!

    We did not arrive with our chili until everyone was leaving. And I don’t think she understood what went wrong with her planning.