keeping safe from cylon network hacks.

Apparently, the Kremlin is putting typewriters back into service for internal documents to prevent the security issues that come with easily disseminated digital materials. No networked computers on the Galactica, and all that.

I’m a known fan of analog technology, but this is not the way to keep your communications from being sent out over the Internetworks. I can type a page on the trusty manual…and then scan it with my iPhone’s camera and send it out via email in just a few seconds. You just can’t stuff that particular genie back into the bottle.

4 thoughts on “keeping safe from cylon network hacks.

  1. The Russians have been defeated by miniature cameras hidden in working lighters (at least in fiction) since as far back as the Sixties, I think. Today, these gadgets are available in toy stores.

  2. That’s been the Kremlin’s goal since way before they addressed one another as Komrade, stuffing Liberty-loving genies back into technologically backwards bottles.

  3. Still, sneakernet requires that you either suborn someone on the inside or insert your own guy; you can’t just read the documents by remote control from DC or Beijing.

    And we’ve been slacking off on HUMINT for years because hh4XX0RZ R cool.