i’m all out of weiner jokes, and so is new york city.

This just in: Carlos Danger will not be the mayor of New York City.

I doubt it’s going to keep him from trying to shoulder his way back to the public trough in the future. People like Weiner or Eliot Spitzer don’t really have any other qualifications or employment prospects. I mean, would you hire a guy whose judgment gland is so obviously defective or missing?

2 thoughts on “i’m all out of weiner jokes, and so is new york city.

  1. If Weiner’s weiner was so dangerous, why are all the women laughing? As the father of three daughter, I’ll pass on my youngest daughter’s remark when we were discussing Weiner’s contribution to the mayoral election. She said, “Dad if anyone were stupid enough to flash me, he would sing falsetto for ever after”.

  2. why does the media give this man so much attention? what is the net benefit to society?

    at leat Bob “the Ghoul of the West” Filner actually has held political office in the last couple of years.